Frequently asked questions

How do I ask a new question?

I welcome questions because I enjoy chatting with new people. If you'd like to know anything, you can ask me a question - or questions - about my Modules by writing to me here . Or you can chat with me at Facebook Messenger here.

Do you offer lessons online?

No, I'm sorry, I don't. My 'Simply Better' Methods Modules are designed for self-instruction, which means you teach yourself with the materials provided. It helps if you have a library of resources (dictionaries, text books, 'realia' such as newspapers, books, TV or radio programs or podcasts etc.) to assist your learning. Limited support is offered for free, but I shall decide the limits of such interaction.

Do you offer any support at all?

For customers who have purchased any of my modules, I offer limited support. The exception is those who have taken advantage of my Free Skills Test. As I mentioned in the previous question, my business is based on students taking charge of their own learning. Otherwise, extended online support defeats the purpose and becomes a free online lesson. And I don't do that. Others will but I don't. I'm sorry.

Can you teach me?

My 'Simply Better' Methods are suited to students whose English is fair to good already but who want to improve, or 'tweak' their English skills. They are not suited to beginners unfortunately. So, if you can read and understand English - and I try to write clearly and simply - you will be perfectly capable of learning my Methods. Of course, you may have to reread sections to understand fully, but once you 'get it', you will realise just how simple the techniques I provide are. I am thinking of My 'Simply Better' Method: Modules A and B, which offer unlimited practice of all your English skills, at once. Becoming fluent in a language requires a lot of effort. You need to develop a number of skills: comprehension of what you hear and what you read, reading skills require knowledge of the alphabet, grammar, an ever-developing vocabulary, correct pronunciation, and finally, acquiring the ability to speak and write in English. Do not be surprised if you start to dream in English - a sign that you are succeeding in your 'journey' to becoming an accomplished user of English.

What's your name and where do you come from?

My Name is Michael Finemore (pron: fin-a-more) and I am an Australian-born man living in NW Victoria, in Australia. By the way, I am a native speaker of English and I try to be clear in my speaking; that is I don't believe I have a strong ' Australian' accent; it's quite neutral.

Can you show me a sample of your courses?

I don't offer 'courses' as such. I offer Modules that you pay to gain access to the Modules which are stored on my One Drive. My 'Simply Better' Methods: Modules A and B, for example are based on a very very simple idea. To tell you that simple idea would defeat the purpose of my selling them. Learn the simple method and it will unlock unlimited opportunities to practice all your skills at once. Whether or not you succeed after learning it, is up to you. You must take some control over your learning to achieve success - achieving perfect written and spoken English. I developed the method after a number of years of teaching English. Nobody I know is using this method in their teaching practices. My Method I believe is unique to Apex English Tutoring and very powerful as a way to perfect one's English. Sure, keep taking lessons with others, but you will discover that the method will help you do much better in tnose lessons. My Methods don't replace orthodox lessons, they merely augment them.