Bad English in an echo chamber of my own making.

If you have been following my posts, you would understand that I am reposting my 'blasts from the past'. I feel they are just too good to consign/send to the trash bin where blogs routinely are collected and sent to landfill. I'm into recycling you see.

This post was a day or so ago.

I reflected that it seemed like I was commenting on my posts when I should be posting a new post. An echo chamber of my own making because at that moment I had been the only one lurking in the shadows of my blog.

Talking to oneself is the first sign of madness they say.

And you know when you're truly mad when you begin answering back.

So, in that post, I signaled that I'd be attempting two things:

  1. Continue from the previous post.

  2. Write about an example of ' bad English' that I had noticed earlier that day.

To continue from the previous post, I said I thought I might have been saying hello to new subscribers but no, it wasn't to be. Or else they had viewed my blog and decided to remain shy.

For the second point, I said I'd be starting an ongoing

series of examples of bad English from my daily life.

I then wondered if I'd written this before because I'd forgotten. I then asked whether anyone had seen it, and hoped they'd tell me where.

I laughed then, as I believed I was setting up a Lost and Found section on my blog.

Finally, I posted the example of ' bad English' I'd seen that day. This is the story I told.

"I was driving behind a car today with a bumper sticker that said:

"The stength of many

The heart of one."

[<blank look> I have no idea what it meant.]

"What a shame the person who created the sticker didn't take a moment to proofread the words. Had they done that, they wouldn't have printed thousands with 'strength' misspelled."


So that was the bad English I had seen that day.

And the lesson?

Make sure you check - and even double check, perhaps even ask a colleague to check for you with a fresh pair of eyes - your spelling before you print.

On that note, I said I'd end and send. And I did.

And now I say to you (and me),



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