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How to Improve Your English - for Free!

Updated: Nov 24

A group of people chatting informally practicing their English.

Introduction - How to improve your English for free.

Everyone wants something for free, right?

I do, and I know you do too!

In the business of improving English, there are many sites, mostly on Facebook, devoted to teaching English. They run quizzes, post grammar rules, examples of phrasal verbs and all manner of things related to English.

Many operators of these sites which have thousands of followers (many of whom 'lurk' with only a handful actually responding to the posts while hundreds like and share) rarely interact with their responders. In essence, these sites fill their followers' heads with English, rarely giving the answers, and even more rarely, praising their efforts.

I, too, 'fill my followers heads' with content. But, as my 'fanbase' is small, I have the ability to interact with my responders. I enjoy that interaction very much. I worry that if I get too big that close connection I currently have, will disappear and I will be no different from those other large and impersonal sites.

So, that's the context.

I have explained much of this in a previous article. In that article, however, I did not explain the numerous ways in which I offer free content and I certainly did not specify the actual resources I have available to teach English - especially the basics.

Free Resources

Here, then, are the free resources that you can get from me.


Regular posts on my Facebook page:


My 'simply better' Weekly Newsletter which you can easily subscribe to at the website here:

is another source of free information. Scroll down to the form, complete it and submit. Too easy. Then you will get my Newsletter in your email inbox every week. It's great for practising your reading in English.

One of the features is a weekly Mini-Module -a short lesson on an aspect of English. These short articles are not posted anywhere else: not on Facebook, nor in my Private English Group. They are only for subscribers.

Mini-Lessons PDFs (Volume 1)

Furthermore, I have started compiling these Mini-lessons into PDF's that subscribers can ask for. It's a more convenient way to access those lessons. For new subscribers it's a way to get all my Mini-lessons that allows them to 'catch up'.

Apex English Group

I used to have this Facebook group but I have decided to concentrate on my main Facebook business page instead. I may reinstate it at a later time.

Basic English Lessons

In this group, I post Basic English Lessons and have begun to compile these lessons into PDF's that members (only members) can ask for. Having all my lessons in one document is much easier than scrolling through countless posts. Currently I have Volumes 1 and 2 available. I plan to publish more as time goes by.

Website Blog

My website has a blog section. You are reading one of my articles already.

Here, you will find a number of relatively short articles (including this one) on aspects of English: grammar, writing, punctuation, vocabulary development, speaking etc.

You will also find an article that lists my top ten tips for improving your English that gives you even more free ways to improve your English.

So far, I have explained and shown you how to find my free resources.

A word or two about those other free sites

I also have mentioned the myriad other free sites that offer English lessons. By all means, learn as much as you can about English. Avoid the sites that are run by non-native English speakers. I have seen numerous errors on these sites and you do not want to be misinformed. So, choose those run by native English speakers who have had more experience with English.

Know when to stop learning and start real practice

Realise, though, that learning content has its limits. At some point you need to acknowledge that you've learned enough and that it's time to practise what you've learned.

Understand what practice involves. It is not memorising bits of dialogue or grammar rules. It is using what you've learned in a meaningful way. It's being able to apply everything you've learned at any time and in every situation that calls for using correct English.

True practice involves practising ALL your skills: reading and listening comprehension, using correct grammar, writing and speaking. Increasing your vocabulary and learning pronunciation are additional features of effective practice.

Therefore, learn as much as you can then find a method to practice!

The perfect method for practice

I have the perfect method for you to practice.

I call it My 'simply better' Method: Module A which you can find on the Home Page.

Scroll down to find the module, click 'Buy Now' for just $39.95AUD.

If you are a Newsletter Subscriber, (hint, hint to sign up) don't forget to add the PromoCode to get a 20% discount) and receive immediate access to the Module and its resources. As of October 2023, the Module has been updated with AI generated resources to help you practice.

By the way, if you want more reasons for subscribing to my Newsletter, you can read an article here.

So, back to Module A. If you can understand basic English, you can learn the easy method in less than an hour. Then begin real practice! Nobody else in the world (I can say this with complete confidence) teaches a way to practice like I do.

In moments, you WILL achieve perfect grammar, be able to write or speak perfect sentences and the more you use it, the better you will become; the more fluent in English you will be.

As a valued purchaser, I invite you to come chat with me on Facebook or Messenger where you can discuss the method and practice with me. This is the Learning Support that I promise. As you progress, your English will become better and better.

At this point, you will no longer be in the category of the person I describe: someone who cannot use grammar correctly.

You will know immediately that you are not this kind of person. I will welcome the opportunity to have a quick chat with you. It will be enjoyable for me as well as for you because there will be real communication taking place.


In this article, I have explained the many resources offered by me (and others, with caution) that you can use to improve your English for free.

The second point that I made was the importance of getting an effective method to practice with. I explained that I have that easy-to-learn-and-use method: My 'simply better' Method: Module A. I urge you to get it as soon as you feel ready to progress your English and take it to new heights. Learn first - then learn how to practice the English you've learned.

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, please share it on your socials with your friends. It's easy: just copy the URL and post.

(c) Apex English Tutoring Jan 2022 - Updated Nov 2023

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About the Author

Michael Finemore, MA (Research) CQU, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, an experienced English Teacher, is the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

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