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My 'simply better' Payment Options

Updated: Nov 24

Young smiling woman sitting on sofa using laptop holding credit card aloft
Have card - can shop online


In this article, I want to tell you about a range of new payment options now available at Apex English Tutoring. As well, I will explain the process - with pictures - to help you buy My 'simply better' Methods Modules with your preferred payment option.

New payment options

13 logos of credit and debit cards on blue background
New payment options

The picture above shows the complete range of payment options now available for you to safely and easily buy My 'simply better' Methods Modules to solve ALL your problems with English.

Worldwide service

Hopefully, with these new payment options, people from nearly everywhere in the world can now purchase my Modules.

Pay in 4 instalments

Klarna, afterpay, and PayPal offer 'payments in 4' so that instead of paying the complete amount at once, you can make 4 smaller payments.

The Payment Process explained

Here's the payment process explained in pictures. I'll show you how to buy one of my Modules. From the Home Page of my website, you will see this image.

Click the Buy Now button to begin.

Image of a smiling man in a turban. a description of the product, the price, and a Buy Now button
Payment Process stage 1

When you click the Buy Now button, the next page will appear.

A form showing customer details: name email phone number etc
Payment Process Stage 2

The next picture shows that you can choose a credit card, or PayPal or afterpay or Klarna etc to pay in 4 instalments.

You may click your option to do so that way.

A form showing payment methods
Payment process stage 3

At the next page, this picture appears which shows that a Card was chosen to pay with.

a form that shows payment details, card number etc
payment process stage 4

Enter the Promo Code - to get a 20% Discount. If you want a PromoCode you need to be a Subscriber to my Newsletter.

Check that you have the right number of Modules in the Cart. If you have made a mistake, you can change the number.

If you want to pay with PayPal, click the button here, or to choose to pay with other options, click Checkout.

Smaller image of Module cover, payment options, and price.

Now, you can choose the payment option from the ones listed. Doing so will take you to their payment page where you can add your details.

As you know, while my Modules are digital, all I need is an email address to send the link for you to access the zip file with your Module in it. However, apparently the Payment Providers require your full name, home and delivery address and phone number. You need to provide these. I have no control over this.

List of payment options, and form to complete customer details, shipping address etc.

After you have completed adding your details, click Continue.

Form for customer to complete and showing Continue button

When the next page opens, you have the opportunity to check everything is correct. Please double check that the total amount is correct.

Tick/check the boxes if you want to, then click Place Order.

Image shows checkout page, details of purchase, and Place Order button.

After you have placed your order, the next page will appear where you can choose to Buy or opt out or cancel your order by clicking Go Back where you will be taken back to the Home page.

When you click Buy, the link to your Module will be sent immediately to your email address where you can access it.

Please check your Junk email box if it has not appeared in your In box. If it hasn't, do not be alarmed. Sometimes it does take a little time. Contact me if it has not arrived and I can try and help you.

Image shows smiling woman holding certificate, Apex English Tutoring logo, price, a checklist, and Pay and Go Back buttons.

And that's it!

You will have paid successfully and are ready to begin to learn a method to improve your English.


I realise that your English might not be great (that's why you are here, right) but I hope you have found these instructions useful and easy to understand.

If you have further questions or problems understanding the information, I am ready and able to answer your queries. Contact me via email

and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, please share it on your socials with your friends. It's easy: just copy the URL and post.

(c) Apex English Tutoring Dec 2022 - Updated October 2023

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About the Author

Michael Finemore, MA (Research) CQU, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, an experienced English Teacher, is the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

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