Not the first...nor the second.

I claimed that this post was the first on my first Wix powered website for Apex English Tutoring.

But it isn't - as I explained above.

And the next couple of posts, before I resume the journey, are what I wrote after this one.

So, I claimed a number of firsts there.

Then, I asked for my first subscribers from my small community of family and friends as well as those following my Facebook page who are interested in improving their English, to this blog.

I then set out my aims for this blog, those being, to write engaging, insightful, even humorous, posts based on aspects of the English language, and hoped that what I write, or share from other sources, my subscribers would find engaging, insightful, and even humorous.

I reminded subscribers that it is good practice to read English that's written well, free of textspeak ('u' for ' you', ' l8r' for 'later', etc.) and be grammatically correct. By reading such posts, regularly, one's English could improve.

Finally, I thanked the reader for reading, and said I'd be back

... later.


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