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Why Subscribe to My Newsletter?

Updated: Nov 24

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A typical Newsletter cover

Introduction - Why Subscribe to my Newsletter?

"Use it or lose it" is a good reason to practice a language. Unless you practice English (or any new language) often, there is a very good chance that you will forget it.

In this article, I want to explain why getting and reading my 'simply better' Monthly Newsletter is a great way to stay 'connected' to English, particularly if, as a user of English as a second language, you might prefer to speak and write, and think, in your native language.

As I said, "use it or lose it".

Just recently, I have decided to change the frequency of sending out the Newsletter from a weekly Issue to a Monthly one. I was concerned (and borne out by feedback) that subscribers might be stressed out from having to read so much every week. Some, however, appreciated the weekly Issue but unfortunately I cannot please everyone. To remedy that, seeing as I will have more time at my disposal, I have decided to send Subscribers at least one extra English Lesson per month. That may be lists of Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Collocations, etc.

Here, then, are the reasons for subscribing to my Monthly Newsletter and I have divided them into my reasons and your reasons.

My reasons to subscribe to my Free Weekly Newsletter

The main reason for you to subscribe to my Free Monthly Newsletter, and I'll be completely upfront about it, is to keep in touch with my subscribers, to whom I can pitch my range of 'simply better' Methods Modules in the hope that one day, they will buy from me. So, I place an advertisement for one of my Modules on a page of the Newsletter - often with a generous discount attached.

A second reason for me, is to offer my knowledge for free to my growing list of 'students' who, I believe, have subscribed because they are keen to improve their English. Unfortunately, many believe that their English will improve just by learning more English while the true way to improve is to practice - using my 'simply better' Methods.

Speaking of 'freebies', I run a very occasional competition - open to subscribers only, so the odds of winning are high - where the prize is one of my Modules. Indeed, the last competition to win required hardly any skill at all: just the ability to observe and count, and then email me the answer.

By the way, only Newsletter Subscribers get the PromoCode for a 20% Discount.

So, these are my reasons for sending out my Monthly Newsletter. Let's turn now to other reasons for why you should sign up to receive my Newsletter every month.

The benefits for you

Reading comprehension practice

The main reason for subscribing to my free monthly newsletter is that it gives you valuable English reading comprehension practice and to increase your vocabulary.

While it's not important to know the meaning of every word in the Newsletter, it does give you the opportunity to either get the meaning from the context (the words around the unknown word) or to look it up in a dictionary, and write it down -in a dedicated notebook - if you think it's a useful word to know and use.

Because I offer a range of topics as well as set pieces that use the same, or similar, words every single month, you will gain knowledge as well as become familiar with language.

Regular features

I have a number of regular features sprinkled through the newsletter. These include:

My News

While I get to write a monthly diary for myself, I hope my readers will enjoy aspects of my 'oh so exciting' life.

Mini English Lessons

Every month, I write about an aspect of English that I hope will be useful. These Mini Lessons are never posted on Facebook, so subscribers get this benefit just for themselves.

I compile these Lessons into PDFs and offer them to subscribers as they are published and are sent to new subscribers for them to 'catch up' on earlier (missed) Newsletters. Currently, there are 2 Volumes of Mini-Lessons.

New subscribers also get My 'simply better' Basic English Lessons, of which there are (currently) 3 Volumes.

2 book covers, against a multicoloured background, one cover red, the other yellow containing a rising sun over a mountain logo and  white text
My 'simply better' Mini-Lessons Vols 1 and 2

3 book covers (one cover is red, another is green and another is blue)against a multicoloured background, Each has a small logo of a rising sun and mountain, White text on each cover.
Vols 1-3 My 'simply better' Basic English Lessons

I plan to collect and make available more Volumes of Lessons. Remember, only subscribers get these for free.

Cartoon of the Month

This is one of my favourite items. I try to select a cartoon that features some aspect of English: punctuation, idioms, grammar etc. and which is presented in a humorous manner.

While at the same time making a serious point, they are often quite funny.


A quotation appears every month. Writers and speakers know to collect quotations to use in their formal writing and speaking. Like the one I used in my introduction, they provide valuable colour and relevancy to written and spoken pieces.

Picture of the Month

More than just a pretty picture, I post these to inspire subscribers' written expression in English.

Weird Word of the Month

Every month, I explain the existence, the meaning, the pronunciation and the origin, of words that not only 'look' strange but 'are' strange' not least because some are usually out-dated and rarely used. They do, however, have interest value.

Inspiration/Motivation - Confidence Builder

Everybody needs inspiration and/or motivation in their lives and so I post appropriate images combined with text to inspire and motivate my readers. I, too, often get the same benefits from such wise words and wonderful images.

Special Feature

The final section is a part of the newsletter that gives me free reign to post a variety of items. They can be quite diverse: pictures that inspire writing, a wide range of poetry that offers a different way of comprehending (and even enjoying) English expression. Limericks, haiku, blank and open verse appear often in this section. Occasionally, I will post a word puzzle to test readers' skill with English.

Extracts from novels

Another of the special features that I attach occasionally to the emailed Newsletter is an Extract (perhaps a chapter) of a recent novel that I get from

These are examples of long-form writing, and are often well-written pieces from established writers.

So, there you have it: a number of reasons for you to sign up to get my Monthly Newsletter.

More reasons to subscribe

I've left to last a couple of extra reasons for getting my Newsletter.

My 'simply better' Rewards Points

The first reason is the chance to accumulate my 'simply better' Rewards Points which are gained by responding in a number of ways.

The word REWARDS with each letter on a separate coloured square
'simply better' Rewards Points

Examples of responses to gain 10 points each include (but are not limited to):

  • Emailing me to thank me for the latest issue or to ask a question

  • Leaving a comment on my blog articles

  • Answering a Quick Quiz on my Facebook page

  • Challenging a point in My Bite-sized Lessons on FB or in the Newsletter

  • Sharing a social media post with friends

  • Inviting a friend to subscribe to the Newsletter is rewarded with 500 points

  • Buying a Module scores 1000 points

I keep a good record of subscribers' Rewards Points and promise to alert them when the points have reached significant milestones: 250 points for 25% Discount and 500 points for 50% Discount to use at any time of the year; especially when I am not running discounts.

Unfortunately, I am limited to providing discounts only as rewards. There is the opportunity to earn multiple discounts for 1000 Points for example.

At the moment, all subscribers have at least 100 points just for subscribing. Points are not transferable to anyone else, nor are they redeemable for cash.

Learn English then practice English

I want, now, to take further, the second reason why you should subscribe to my monthly Newsletter. I have explained this before in several articles to understand the deeper rationale for the way English can be improved with practice.

In another article I have explained the free resources I have suggested to develop your English knowledge.

The upshot of these free English lessons is that they provide the sound basis for using (in particular) My 'simply better' Method: Module A to practice the English you have learnt - from these as well as my Facebook posts.

You see, Apex English Tutoring really IS different from other English improvement sites: I teach for free but to really improve your English skills you need to practice the English you already know. On Facebook, I post Bite-sized Lessons THEN a quiz, not just posting quizzes alone. And, that, is pedagogically sound: teaching then testing understanding and giving positive feedback. Other sites I have seen do nothing like I do. And that's why I say methods are 'simply better' than anyone else - and at a fraction of the cost of lessons.

So, if you are ready, go to the Home Page to purchase your own copy of My 'simply better' Method: Module A. Only Newsletter Subscribers know the PromoCode to get a 20% Discount.

Buy today, get it today and start improving your English today!

Do not think you have to keep learning to improve, you've got to start practicing with my easily learned and used method.

Ok, I have strayed a little from the topic there. But it was an extremely important point to make and I hope you can see the logic behind it.

So, let's wrap this article up right now.


I hope you better understand now, why you should subscribe to 'simply better' English - my FREE Monthly Newsletter.

Yes, there are benefits to me, but there are many more benefits to you as a subscriber. I have mentioned them in detail above.

I have taken you on a short journey to show you how regular practice (as well as learning from my Bite-sized English Lessons, and testing yourself with my Quick Quizzes on FB) can develop your English knowledge as well as reading comprehension practice with my Weekly Newsletter.

I have mentioned that Apex English Tutoring is vastly different from other English language development sites. The major difference is that while I can teach you English in a number of ways - for free - only Apex offers an extremely easy but powerfully effective way to improve ALL your skills with practice.

Thank you for reading and if you haven't already, I urge you to subscribe. Email me or complete the form that pops up or if you missed it, find and complete it at the bottom of the Home Page.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it on your socials with your friends. It's easy: just copy the URL and post.

(c) Apex English Tutoring March 2023 - Updated Nov 2023

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About the Author

Michael Finemore, MA (Research) CQU, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, an experienced English Teacher, is the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

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