Think Tank

I need a name!

And I can't think of one right now.

I need to talk with my Think Tank and hope they will come up with a name for me.

No, no, not that kind of Think Tank. Yes, ok if I say "Think Tank", you might think of this image.

But, don't let me stop you for sending me suggestions.

These ones I've considered and dropped immediately, often after a chuckle or a groan: English Corner (ugh), Draining The Swamp (??), Choccy Cake and Coffee Time (strange), Crazy English (taken already!), There were others but I've forgotten, and if I've forgotten them then they weren't very memorable were they?

So...the criteria for a name.





Punny? Funny? Runny? ... no not runny, but Sunny would work well; give it an air of positivity.

Or optimism. And gosh we all need a dash of optimism during this time of Covid19, d

on't we?

Ok, so that's your homework, and mine.

To come up with a title for this blog.

A Poor Excuse for a Blog....hmmmm how about that one? Not too egotistical or hi-falutin, or even serious, come to think of it! I do like un-serious. My students always learnt better when we were having fun in class doing fun activities with English. There was this one time...but that's another story, for another time.



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