Visualisation- the missing element of public speaking

There is one thing many articles about public speaking do not mention.

They overlook the technique of 'visualisation'. This article seeks to remedy that situation by explaining it to you.

Simply put, it's this.

First of all, I want you to close your eyes and visualise - that is, I want you to imagine you are sitting in the audience waiting to be called up to speak. You can actually SEE yourself there.

Breathe deeply, and try to relax.

Imagine hearing your name called and you stand.

You make your way to the stage.

You feel confident because you have practiced, you've rehearsed your speech over and over.

But you haven't memorised any of it. That's important.

The worst thing that can happen is if you forget, and worse, apologise and start from the beginning.

But forget can 'see' your speech from beginning to end, You quickly think of the main points you want to make.

You can see yourself getting closer to the lectern where you will be standing.

Continue to breathe, relax more deeply, and visualise the audience listening intently to you speaking, 'listen' to them laughing at the funny story you are telling them, or watch them nodding as they listen to your touching story.

Everything is going to plan. You feel amazing!

You smile, look around, you are relaxed, and you begin.

You make each and every point, and remember the little anecdotes to support your points and you reach the end.

You conclude successfully and you smile as you hear the audience clapping your performance.

Now that's how you do a visualisation.

And do you know what?

It works!

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