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Speak Better English with Accent Reduction

Updated: Nov 24

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Hello to Nicole

Introduction - Accent Reduction to speak better English

At Apex English Tutoring, I don't teach accent reduction to students.

Why not? Well, it's because I know someone who does, and she does it extremely well.

So, in this short article, I want to introduce her to you.

Nicole Kaup is her name and we worked together in a university in China in 2015.

I watched Nicole teach general English and was impressed by her style and methods.

Nicole operates out of Seattle, Washington on the US north-west coast these days. She is an experienced Instructional Designer, English Language Consultant and Coach.

Here is an overview (from her website) of what Nicole teaches and the activities she runs.

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Nicole's Offerings

Invitation to be a Guest Blogger

I am hoping Nicole will take up my invitation to be a Guest Blogger here with at least one article about her Accent Reduction work.

Go here for accent reduction - Nicole's Website

Nicole's Social Media Profiles

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Nicole's Logo

Nicole's profile on LinkedIn is here:

And here is Nicole's YouTube Channel:


In this article, I have introduced you to my colleague Instructional Designer, English Language Consultant and Coach, Nicole Kaup, and given you an overview of her work and I have shown you where to go for accent reduction to help you speak better English.

I encourage you to visit and follow Nicole's website and Social Media sites.

I shall let you know when (and if) Nicole writes her article on Accent Reduction here.

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, please share it on your socials with your friends. It's easy: just copy the URL and post.

(c) Apex English Tutoring Feb 2023 - Updated Nov 2023

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About the Author

Michael Finemore, MA (Research) CQU, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, an experienced English Teacher, is the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

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