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Speak Better English with Accent Reduction

Updated: Apr 26

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Introduction - Accent Reduction to speak better English

At Apex English Tutoring, I don't teach accent reduction to students.

Why not? Well, it's because I know someone who does, and she does it extremely well.

So, in this short article, I want to introduce her to you.

Nicole Kaup is her name and we worked together in a university in China in 2015.

I watched Nicole teach general English and she impressed me with her style and methods.

Nicole operates out of Seattle, Washington on the US north-west coast these days. She is an experienced Instructional Designer, English Language Consultant and Coach.

Invitation to be a Guest Blogger

I am hoping Nicole will take up my invitation to be a Guest Blogger here.

I hope she will write at least one article about her Accent Reduction work.

Nicole has a Website

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In this article, I have introduced you to my former colleague: Nicole Kaup.

I have given you an overview of her work.

And I have shown you where to go for accent reduction to help you speak better English.

I encourage you to visit and follow Nicole's website and Social Media sites.

I shall let you know when (and if) Nicole writes her article on Accent Reduction here.

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