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Your 4-Step Plan

Not sure how to get better English?

You've tried everything - but nothing you do seems to be improving your English?

I can help you!

I've created My '4-Step Plan to Getting Great English' just for people like you.

And it's completely free!

All you have to do is follow each of the 4 clear and easy Steps and before long, your English will start becoming much better than it is right now.

Scrabble letters on orange background spell out 4 step plan to get great English

Sound good to you? I hope so!

Click the blue button below to go back and complete the form.


Get your free 4-Step Plan IMMEDIATELY.

Man wearing long sleeved striped green shirt talks on mobile phone

About Me


My name is Michael Finemore, and I am the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

As an English Teacher with about 20 years experience, I love doing what I do - helping people get better English with methods to practice that I totally believe work.


They'll work for you too.

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