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Your 4-Step Plan to Get Great English

Updated: May 26

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My 'simply better' 4-Step Plan to Get Great English

Introduction - how to get great English

Are you finding it difficult, even confusing, knowing:

  • where to begin

  • knowing what to do

  • knowing where to go

to get better English?

So many options

There are so many options, and so many distractions, obstacles that keep getting in your way.

You think you've found the answer. It works for a while.

But your English just doesn't get better.

You struggle to put a sentence together that's grammatically correct.

You write in one word or two-word phrases.

Your pronunciation is bad and you find it's hard to fix it.

Your spelling is so bad and you haven't managed to learn how to spell.

The problem with English-language websites

You go to English language websites. Some are run by non-native English speakers. They try hard but they make errors in their quizzes.

Or they give you huge lists of vocabulary, or sentences and phrases to learn.

And do you ever use them in your daily life? Or know how to use them?

Going to classes (Online or offline) is not possible, too expensive, and they go for such a long time.

They fill your head with more and more (useless) English and all without meaningful practice of what you've learned.

And how about testing? Testing your knowledge of English in a quiz is NOT practice.

Choosing a single letter (A, B, C, or D) and you don't even know if it's right because nobody gives the answer.

But, when you've taken in all that English, think about whether or not you have learned ANYTHING.

Have you practiced the essential skills to become better at English?

  • Have you practiced your Listening?

  • Your Grammar?

  • Your Spelling, your reading comprehension?

  • What about your Speaking?

  • Have you gotten better after learning so much?

Great if you have!

But what if you can honestly say that you have not moved the dial one little bit?

If that's the case, then you definitely need to learn how to practice all that English that's 'in your head' but not OUT THERE in the world.

Get Real life Practice

Real practice involves using all your skills - like in real life.

You listen to someone or you read something.

Then you respond, using correct grammar, either written or spoken.

But you find it so difficult to do that.

It's all so confusing right? What to do?

A way out of that confusion

Well! Your problems are over!

Because I have ...

A Plan just for You

You need a plan that's:

easy to follow

easy to understand

and My 'simply better' 4-Step Plan to Great English is THE PLAN to follow.

So, how do I get the plan?

You can get My 'simply better' 4-Step Plan by completing the form at the home page.

It's a simple download and remember it costs you absolutely nothing.

Open it, and I explain what you have to do in each step.


So, that's enough from me.

I've said enough.

It's up to you now.

You know what to do.

Subscribe at the home page to:

Hope to see you on the other side, soon.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I have persuaded you that this is the best way to get you started on your journey to 'simply better' English.


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For example, start with this one to kick start your journey by learning about how My Methods can help improve your English.


If so, then get this 'freebie' - an unusual and fun way to practice your pronunciation.

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About Me

My name is Michael Finemore, and I am the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

As an English Teacher with about 20 years experience, I love doing what I do - helping people get better English with methods to practice that I totally believe work.


They'll work for you too.

HINT: Get this part of the Plan now.

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