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Apex English Tutoring
Teaching You How to Practise with My 'simply better' Methods to Get Great English

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Are you struggling to find ways to improve your English?
Do you say your English is 'poor'?
Don't know how to get better at English?


Want an easy, effective, and fun way to PRACTISE ALL your English skills?

What about pronunciation?

How can I get better at spelling?

Discover My Unique Approaches

At Apex English Tutoring, I can help you fix all your problems with English.

Learn new and exciting ways to practice English - to get better at English really fast.


  • Learn the simple Methods once - and you'll never forget them.

  • Learn Online - Get Unlimited Practice offline.


My Methods are unique - nobody else in the world teaches them.

See Quick Results

  • Learn My 'simply better' Methods and start practising immediately.

  • Feel your confidence rise the more you practise.

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 FREE Learning Support

 I really do want you to get great English. So, you get my Free one-on-one help - just for you.

 Safe and Affordable Payments

  • One secure payment

  • No hidden or extra costs

  • Many popular Payment Options available.

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My name is Michael Finemore, and I am the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

As an English Teacher with about 20 years experience, I love doing what I do - helping people get better English with methods to practice that I totally believe work.


They'll work for you too.

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I know I can make you awesome with My 'simply better' Methods!

 So, REACH OUT NOW, and let's get you started.

Start with My 4-Step Plan to Great English

Complete the form at the top of this page.

 IMPORTANT: If you can understand what I have told you here, then you CAN LEARN My Methods.

Not sure if your reading comprehension is good enough? 


Take this FREE Test.

Complete the form below and get your test in seconds.

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Got a question? Get in touch.


My 'simply better' Methods

What do you want to do?

Want to become more confident in using English? Learn my UNIQUE Method in minutes to get Unlimited Practice of ALL your skills. Learn how to practise your grammar and increase your vocabulary. Speak and write better English.

To know what you'll get with the Method, click the black button.


English coaching at its best!

Want to fix your Pronunciation?

My unique Pronunciation Method teaches you an easy way to practise English pronunciation to speak better English. It will have you sounding like a native English speaker in no time.

To know what you'll get with the Method, click the black button.

Boost Your Pronunciation: Grab My Exclusive Freebie Now!


Do you have a problem with spelling?

Want better spelling? Learn this super easy Method to help you spell those tricky or difficult English words perfectly every time.

To know what you'll get with the Method, click the black button.


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So, why get My 'simply better' Methods?

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  • Learn Online, Get Unlimited Practice Offline

  • Proven to work for you

  • Methods are Device Friendly

  • No Textbooks Needed

  • To put it simply, English tutoring with me is THE trusted way to go.

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