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How to Improve Your English - for Free!

Updated: Apr 29

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Introduction - How to improve your English for free


Everyone wants something for free, right?

I do, and I'm sure you do too!

But, not everything that's free is great.

Free sites - but not so great

So, I will begin by saying that many free sites online are not great for helping you develop your English.

There are many free online sites, Facebook for example, devoted to teaching English.

They run quizzes, post grammar rules, phrasal verbs and idioms. And all manner of things related to English.

Many operators of these sites rarely interact with their followers.

They have thousands of followers.

Many followers 'lurk'. Only a handful respond to the posts while hundreds like and share.

Am I jealous? Absolutely! But I am disappointed that they could be getting much better value from me.

Filling people's heads with English

In essence, these sites fill their followers' heads with English.

They rarely give the answers to quizzes, and even more rarely, praise people's efforts.

Apex English Tutoring tries to be different.

I, too, 'fill my followers heads' with content.

But, as my 'fanbase' is small, I have the ability to interact with my responders. I enjoy that interaction very much.

I worry that if I get too big that close connection I currently have, will disappear.

And I will be no different from those other large and impersonal sites.

So, that's the context.

I have explained much of this in a previous article.

But in that article, I did not explain the many ways in which I offer free content.

And I did not specify the actual resources I have available to teach English - especially the basics.

So, let me know outline how I give you free stuff to help you get better at English.

Free Resources


I post regularly on my Facebook/Meta pages:

This is my page for Apex English Tutoring.

I also have a couple of other pages.

One is a private group for buyers of My 'simply better' Method. It is by Invitation only.

It's for these people - an Inner Circle - to meet online and practice with the Method they've learned.

In this way, I can deliver my Free Learning Support.

But, I have another free private group - again Invitation only - where my Followers and Friends can go.

Because it's private, only people really serious about wanting to practice their English can interact without fear of shame. It's a safe environment, governed by rules.

It's where I intend 'hanging out' more often.


I post often on LinkedIn. But it's usually the same content that I post on Facebook/Meta.

I like LinkedIn. I seem to get more engagement there. And I have almost 1000 connections and followers.

My 'simply better' Free Newsletter

This is another source of free information.

Scroll down to the form, complete it and submit. Too easy. Then you will get my Newsletter in your email inbox. It's great for practicing your reading in English.

One of the features is a Mini-Lesson - a short lesson on some aspect of English.

These short articles are not posted anywhere else: they are only for subscribers.

Mini-Lessons as PDFs

I compile these Mini-lessons into PDF's that subscribers can ask for.

It's a more convenient way to access those lessons. For new subscribers it's a way to get all my Mini-lessons that allows them to 'catch up'.

At the moment I have 4 Volumes of Mini-Lessons.

Basic English Lessons

On Facebook, I post Bite-sized English Lessons.

These lessons are also created as PDF's that my Newsletter subscribers get for free when they sign up.

Having all my lessons in one document is much easier than scrolling through countless posts.

Currently I have 3 Volumes available. I plan to publish more as time goes by.

Website Blog

My website has a free blog. You are reading one of my articles right now.

Here, you will find a number of relatively short articles (including this one) on aspects of English:

  • grammar

  • punctuation

  • vocabulary development

  • speaking

  • how to improve your English

Two more 'freebies' for you

There are two more free resources I want to mention.

They are:

  • My 'simply better' Reading Comprehension Test

black text reading get tested today on grey background, image of hand writing with a pen, Apex logo
Download and test yourself today

  • My 'simply better' 4-Step Plan to Get Great English.

scrabble letters read PLAN on orange background, black text reads 4-step to get great English
Get your free plan today

Both can be downloaded by completing the easy forms at my website's Home page.

One is at the top of this page!

The reading comprehension test is for you to test that skill. It will tell you whether or not you are capable of learning my Methods.

The 4-Step Plan is what you need if you are confused about how to improve your English.

The basic aim of the plan is to learn English for free, then to go on to learn how to use my Method to practice that English knowledge.

So far, I have explained and shown you how to find my free resources.

Know when to stop learning and start real practice

Understand that learning more and more English has its limits.

At some point you need to acknowledge that you've learned enough and that it's time to practice what you've learned.

I have mentioned - often - that My 'simply better' Method is THE BEST way to get great English - with 'real practice'.

It's not free, though.

Why not?

Here's why not:

English can be learned for free in many ways - as I have explained above.

But My Method is unique.

It's valuable to me.

Nobody else teaches this Method.

And I truly believe it will work for you.

And you know where to get it.


In this article, I have explained the many resources I offer that you can use to improve your English for free.

I also briefly warned you about some sites that, while free and well-meaning, do not always offer great online experiences.

Another point I made was the importance of getting an effective method to practice with.

I explained that I have that easy-to-learn-and-use method: My 'simply better' Method.

I urge you to get it as soon as you feel ready to progress your English and take it to new heights.

Learn first for free - then learn how to practice the English you've learned.

Also, I mentioned My 4-Step Plan.

If you want to end your confusion about how to get better English, that's the one to get.

And to see how good (or how poor) your English is, then take My Reading Comprehension Test.

Further Reading

Go here to learn even more about this Method - and to buy as well.

To learn more about my methods to practice your English - and how they came to be developed, go here.

By the way, if you want more reasons for subscribing to my Newsletter, you can read an article here.

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