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My 'simply better' Method

Smiling Indian man in blue turban and white shirt stands arms crossed looking confident
  • Desperate to improve your English skills?

  • Learned English but your English writing and speaking is still poor?

  • Tried everything else?

  • Wondering if you'll ever get better at English?


My 'simply better' Method is quick and easy to learn and, when followed exactly, will give you Unlimited Practice of ALL your skills (reading and listening, writing and speaking). Your vocabulary will increase as will your confidence in using English.

Here's what you'll get:

A collection of PDFs that follow a sequence to help you learn.

  • READ ME FIRST - a welcoming message that helps you understand what to expect.

  • Vol 1-3 Basic English Lessons 

  • Vol 1-4 My Mini-Lessons

If you already have them, then you can choose to skip them. They are provided to help people 'brush up on' their English.


There's also:

  • The 12 English Tenses PDF

  • Conditionals PDF

  • A collection of Phrasal Verbs PDF

  • A collection of English Idioms PDF

  • My 'simply better' Method.

  • Resources that practice your Listening skills (MP3 audio files).





If I've convinced you, then go and buy it now by clicking the big blue button below.

If not, please read on.

Contents of Method shown on a variety of devices

There's a big difference between teaching English and practicing English.

People make the mistake of thinking that learning English results in better English.


Well, yes and no. Yes, you will learn more English but few teachers teach ways to practice what you've learned. Students complete the course but unfortunately are unable to write or speak in good English.


I don't teach English, I leave that to others who do. 


Instead, I teach how to practice the English you've learned, and in the process, your English improves.


That is why those courses have not helped you. It's probably why you're here - to get results.


Within five minutes of learning my Method, you will be practicing English. Perfect English without reading or memorisation: actually using your skills to produce written or spoken English.


You will feel so good!

Read what Thinn says about My 'simply better' Method:

Young smiling Myanmar woman in grey blouse

My name is Thinn. I'm from Myanmar. I'm writing this review to replace my previous one because my English has improved even more and I am so happy I learned the method.
The 'simply better' Method was so easy to learn and to practise with. I'm looking forward to getting other methods to improve my English writing, speaking and spelling. Apex English Tutoring's methods are great because they are better than anything else to practise with to perfect my English.


If Thinn has helped you decide, then click that big blue button to buy the Method now.

Or read on for more.


But wait! There is more!


Get a BONUS Lesson on how to use ChatGPT to create AI generated resources.  This will enable you to generate (with appropriate 'prompts'), Unlimited Extra Resources tailored to your interests.


I also offer you FREE and Unlimited Learning Support. English coaching at its finest.


When you've finished (and I'll know when you've finished because you will email me), I will send you an Invitation to join my Private Facebook Group for this Module.

It's a safe space set up just for people who have learned the Method and want to practice. I'll be there too.


Ready to get started? Click that beautiful big blue button below to buy.

Now, maybe you're thinking:


Well it all sounds great, but will it really fix my poor English?


Becoming fluent in English won't happen over night.

The Method is not a silver bullet.

You do have to work hard.


But, because you will have a Method that's easy to learn and remember, and as long as you follow the Method exactly as I show you, you WILL get better the more you practice.


Gradually, your English will come more naturally to you. Your tenses will be correct, your listening skills will have developed, and you will be more confident in your abilities.

This is what Amanda says:

Young smiling Chinese woman wearing white shirt and black jacket

Michael taught my English class in China in 2015. He taught us a fun way to practise all our skills at once. I continued to practise with the method every day and it improved my English very much. I learnt a lot from Michael and so will you. I would strongly recommend his methods to anyone who wanted to improve their English skills easily.

A great Learning Experience

You've now heard what the Method offers you. Plus a Bonus Method and all the resources you'll need to complete and start practicing - really practicing.

The way I have set out the course is supposed to give my students a great learning experience.


I want the best outcome for you.


I can't wait to be chatting with you and seeing how far you've come.


Remember, this Method is absolutely unique: nobody else teaches it. I don't know why. I am just so pleased I can offer it to my students. I know it works and it will work for you too.

Maybe you have questions...

Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1  Is this course suitable for beginners?

It's not suitable for beginners. If you can understand basic English, you’ll be fine.

2  When does the course start?


There is no start and finish time. Work at your own pace.
The quicker you start, the sooner you can start practicing.

3  How long do I have access?


How does Lifetime Access sound?

If you need to, ask me to send you a new link to download the Method again.


4      What if I am unhappy with the Method?

I'd never want you to be unhappy. Reach out to me and explain your problems and I will try to help you. Here's my email.


(Click to email me.)

You’re here because you want to improve your English and I am confident your English will improve with the Method.


This is a Digital Product.


It's difficult to prove that you have not benefited from the Method.


CLICK to Read my Policy on Refunds and Returns in Terms and Conditions.


5     Do you offer any discounts?

Subscribers to my Newsletter get exclusive access to a Promo Code that gives a 20% Discount. It can be used for all of my Methods and can be used at any time.

If you haven't already, I urge you to Subscribe now. 


You can subscribe here. Just Click.


(As a new subscriber, you WILL get all my Basic English and Mini-Lessons - which are included here. You can safely delete the emails if you want.)

Come back with your Promo Code to buy. Or email me and I will send it to you asap


If you have other questions, please ask me.

About Me

man in longsleeved green striped shirt and black pants stands speaking on mobile phone

My name is Michael Finemore, and I am the Owner-Operator of Apex English Tutoring.

As an English Teacher with about 20 years experience, I love doing what I do - helping people get better English with methods to practice that I totally believe work.


They'll work for you too.

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