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Improving Your English With AI Tools

Updated: Feb 21

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AI ready to serve you

Introduction - Improving your English with AI Tools

I've been waiting for something like this to come along.

Now it has.

It solves a problem for me. And it will help you too.

In this article, I will explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be useful for practicing English.

I have told you that My 'simply better' Method is great for practicing English.

The use of AI has enabled me to make it even better.  ChatGPT is the AI tool I am referring to.

And I don't mean that ChatGPT has created the content of the teaching methods.

Extra resources for my Method

I used ChatGPT to generate extra resources to practice English WITH the Method.

But, it goes further!

Now, you get to practice with a huge range of resources.

Practice with resources generated by AI/ChatGPT - that you will have created yourself! 

Teaching you how to use ChatGPT with effective 'prompts'

When you buy this Module, I will teach you how you can generate unlimited resources.

To be able to practice the topics that interest you most, you get to choose your own topics.

A simple method

The method used to generate these resources is so simple.

You can learn it in minutes.

All you need to learn is the kind of 'prompts' you give ChatGPT to produce the resources.

Rethinking ChatGPT - a more effective use of AI

Millions of people have installed ChatGPT. Many believed it would fix their poor English.

But their disappointment has lead to their abandoning it.

Using ChatGPT to produce content that is well written does not lead to an authentic 'you'. It is not proof of 'your' true English ability.

It's time to rethink it - as I have done - as a very valuable tool to improve people's English skills.

Become the Authentic You

Do you want to be the 'authentic you'?

With usable (online and offline) English skills?

Then My (enhanced with ChatGPT) 'simply better' Method is the one to get right now.

What are you waiting for?

Get ready to elevate your English today.

My Method is unique to Apex English Tutoring - and now is even more powerful.


This article has explained that improving your English with AI tools is possible.

But under certain circumstances.

AI tools such as ChatGPT have not helped people improve their English. They thought it would.

In fact, as I mentioned, many have given up on it.

But I have explained there is a way to use ChatGPT to get better English.

You get to generate your own unlimited resources to practice My 'simply better' Method.

A redesigned method - even better now

I have recently redesigned how I teach the Method.

Now, you get an even better Learning Experience.

In a nutshell, it's 'simply better' tutoring.

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