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Speak Better: Public Speaking - with Visualisation

Updated: Feb 21

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be a more confident public speaker

Introduction - Learn to Speak Better in Public

There is one thing many articles about public speaking do not mention.

They overlook the technique of 'visualisation'. This article seeks to fix that situation.

I will teach it to you in this article.

I hope you learn it so that whenever you have to read or say something in public you will overcome your nerves and speak much better.

So, how does someone 'visualise'? And how does it help with making public speeches?

I can answer those questions.

First of all, I want you to close your eyes and visualise.

That is, I want you to imagine you are sitting in the audience (or backstage).

And you are waiting for someone to call upon you to get up, or walk onstage to speak.

You can actually SEE yourself there.

Breathe deeply, and try to relax.

Perhaps get into a state of 'mindfulness'.

Keep 'seeing' yourself there.

Imagine hearing your name called and you stand or you get ready to walk onstage.

You make your way to the stage - or to the lectern.

You feel SO confident!

You are confident because you have practiced.

You've rehearsed your speech over and over.

You know it backwards.

But you haven't memorised any of it. That's important.

The worst thing that can happen is if you forget, and worse, apologise and start from the beginning.

But forget that...

Go back to visualisation.

You can 'see' your speech from beginning to end.

You tick off each of the main points you want to make.

You can see yourself getting closer to the lectern where you will be standing.

Continue to breathe. In - and out.

You feel more and more relaxed.

You see yourself looking around at your audience, then starting to speak.

And you visualise the audience listening intently to you speaking.

You 'hear' them laughing at the funny story you are telling them.

Or you watch them nodding as they listen to your touching story.

Everything is going to plan. You feel amazing!

As you continue to speak, you smile, look around, you are so relaxed.

You make each point. You are clear and on point.

You remember the little anecdotes to support your points and you are close to finishing.

You conclude successfully.

And you smile as you hear the audience clapping your performance.

Now that's how you do a visualisation.

And do you know what?

It works! You will do a fantastic job of your speech.


In this article, I have explained, step by step, the technique of visualisation.

You must agree that by doing this, you will be much more confident as you prepare to get up and speak to an audience.

Remember to use the main ideas of being able to 'see' your performance being successful.

To improve your speaking, consider getting My 'simply better' Method.

From writing correct English, it's a small step to going on to speak in correct sentences.

My Method can help you practice to get great English.

a smiling young bearded man wearing white shirt and blue turban stands with arms folded, exuding confidence
Gain confidence in all your English skills

Moreover, if you can develop your English to the point that you are much more confident and capable of dealing with any topic that you are faced with, then why would you bother studying for an IELTS Speaking Test for example?

Further Reading

To learn more about ways to improve your speaking, read this 'foundational article'. I know it will help you.

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