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My Top Ten Tips for Improving Your English

Updated: Feb 21

Man in suit reading newspaper with coffee cup on table beside him
Reading a newspaper regularly helps improve your English

Introduction - Ten tips for improving your English

In this article I'll give you my Top Ten Tips for improving your English.

Let's start with Number 10, then work our way up (or down) to Number 1.

10 Immersion

Immersion means to be surrounded totally by something.

Soaking in a bath is immersion. It's the same with learning or practicing English.

The best way to get better English is by immersing yourself in an English-speaking country.

That is: living there for a while.

If you do manage to live where people speak English, try to soak up the written and spoken language all around you.

But if that is not possible, surround yourself with as much English as you can.

Do not spend all your time talking in your first language with your friends.

9 Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Be confident.

People can only correct your mistakes when they hear you make them.

It's how we learn - from making mistakes.

8 Find a friendly English-speaking foreigner to chat with.

See also Tip No.1.

7 Get a good grammar textbook and a dictionary.

Refer to them often to learn new words and to revise your grammar.

6 Find a good source of online quizzes - with answers. 

Have fun with English.

This one is very good:

5 Avoid English language sites run by non-native English speakers.

They do mean well. But often the resources used are not correct. Why learn the wrong things?

4 Read well written English books or newspapers, even online news stories. 

Here's a good site for news and other interesting stories.

3 Listen to podcasts in English.

Some have transcripts so you can read along as you listen.

At this site, you will find a range of interesting programs as podcasts.

Most ABC radio presenters are clear speakers and use good grammar.

You will also experience different speakers of English.

It's different to listening to English textbook conversations. Listen and learn from their pronunciation.

Or listen to songs sung in English and read the lyrics (found online) as you listen.

2 Get a notebook.

Get several notebooks - to write down new words and phrases, idioms etc.

But do not try to learn every word you discover, just the essentials for your everyday life.

Learn one or two new words or phrases every day. Imagine! After a year, you will have learned at least a thousand.

My number 1 tip for improving your English.

Get My ‘Simply Better’ Method - an easy and effective way to improve your English with REAL practice.

I've recently updated this Method with AI generated content to practice with.

There are now lots of new Resources.

It's the Method to get you started on your journey to better English.

I've since redesigned this method to provide an enhanced Learning Experience.

Practice Tip Number 8 with what you learn in this amazing Method.

Bonus tip: You need a simple and easy plan to get better English!

Get My 'simply better' Free 4-Step Plan to Get Great English.

Complete the form at my Home page to download it.


I hope you have benefited from these ten (or 11) tips for improving your English.

They are easy to put into practice. Try to include them in your daily life.

Further Reading

To learn more about how I developed my methods and how they can be used to improve your English, you can read the article here.

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