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Quickly Learn the simple idea behind this easy method, and you are ready to begin practicing, but work your way through the comprehensive lesson and other resources, in order to get the most benefit.



Here's what you'll get in the Zip Folder:

A collection of PDFs that follow a sequence to help you learn.

  • READ ME FIRST - a welcoming message that helps you understand what to expect.
  • Vol 1-3 Basic English Lessons 
  • Vol 1-4 My Mini-Lessons


If you already have them, then you can choose to skip them. They are provided to help people 'brush up on' their English.


There's also:

  • The 12 English Tenses PDF
  • Conditionals PDF
  • A collection of Phrasal Verbs PDF
  • A collection of English Idioms PDF


 and of course:
My 'simply better' Method.


You also receive:


Folders of resources that practice your Listening skills (MP3 audio files).


PLUS a Bonus Method.


A Lesson on Using AI (ChatGPT) to generate Extra Resources for Unlimited Practice.


So, Two Unique Methods for the Price of One!


Receive FREE and Unlimited Learning Support.


Plus ... Get an Invitation to join my Private Facebook Group for this Module. Practice with me and with others who have learned this Method.


You also get Lifetime Access. If ever you need to, ask me to send you a new link to regain access.



Learning this Method - recently redesigned and updated - aims to give you a Great User Experience.



Nobody I know teaches this method to practice people's English skills and to gain more confidence every day with perfect English grammar. It's absolutely unique.




These are Digital Products.



CLICK to Read my Policy on Refunds and Returns in Terms and Conditions.


Complete My Reading Comprehension Test to see if you are capable of learning this (and other) Methods Modules.


Thank you for your interest in this Module.


I look forward to working with you in the near future.








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My 'Simply Better' Method: To Improve ALL Your English Skills

  • This Method is in a Zip folder containing ordinary folders of resources as PDFs and MP3 audio files.

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