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If spelling is a worry for you - or someone you know - then My “simply better” Spelling Method can help you - or them.


This UNIQUE method is based on how, at school,  you might have learned how to remember the correct spelling of words, by writing each word out 100 times!


But, there's a much simpler (and a way more productive use of your time) Method than that.

Developed and field tested with young students in one of my classes in China in 2006.

Following my Method - EXACTLY as instructed - will help you remember to spell words perfectly EVERY TIME. Next time you need to use that word you will have remembered it.

What's more, you can learn the easy method in just minutes.


It's a Lesson for a Lifetime.


I use it too!


You will be amazed at how effective it is.

With my recently enhanced teaching method, you will enjoy learning this method.

I hope to give you a great Learning Experience.


FREE Learning Support is offered.


LIFETIME ACCESS. If a replacement ever is needed, ask me for a new download link.



This is a Digital Product.



Read my Policy on Refunds and Returns in Terms and Conditions at the website.

Thanks so much for reading this and hope to be working with you in the near future.



My Simply Better Spelling Method: Learn to Spell Better

  • This Zip folder contains:

    My Method and Resources for Practice

    MS PDFs (saved as Read Only)

    Audio Files (MP3s)

    MS Excel Spreadsheet