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English Vocabulary: Kitchen Items

Updated: Feb 21

a woman cooking in a home kitchen
Cooking in the kitchen


In this article, I give you a list of the more common words associated with the modern kitchen.

They are in alphabetical order (A to Z) and come with a short description of each. Some are items often found in a kitchen while others are tasks/processes.

So, let's cook up a better English vocabulary

Air Fryer: A device used to cook food with hot air.

Apron: A protective garment worn while cooking to prevent spills on clothing.

Baking: The process of cooking food using dry heat, often in an oven.

Bench or Island Bench: an area, often in the middle of the kitchen where people prepare food.

Blender: An appliance for mixing and puréeing ingredients.

Cabinets/Cupboards: Storage units for kitchen utensils, dishes, and food.

Cake Tin: A container, usually made of metal, for baking the mixed cake ingredients in an oven.

Canister: A container for storing dry goods like flour or sugar.

Can Opener: A device, either electric or handheld, used to open metal cans of food.

Chop Sticks: Asian utensils, usually made of bamboo, used to pick up food to eat.

Cleaver: A heavy knife. Used for chopping meat/bones or slicing tough-skinned vegetables such as pumpkins.

Colander: A large bowl with holes used for draining pasta and washing vegetables.

Cookware: Pots, pans, and other utensils used for cooking.

Corkscrew: a tool used to remove the cork from a bottle of wine.

Cutting Board: A surface for chopping and preparing food.

Detergent: A liquid, usually concentrated, used in a sink of hot water to wash dishes.

Dishcloth/Dishmop: for handwashing dirty plates, pans, and cutlery.

Dishwasher: A machine that cleans and sanitizes dishes and utensils.

Draining Board: A rack that stores freshly washed dishes to dry by draining excess water.

Egg Flip: A utensil for turning fried foods such as eggs.

Faucet/tap: A fixture that dispenses water over a sink (see below) for cooking and cleaning.

Freezer: An appliance for freezing and storing food.

Freezer Bags: Plastic bags for holding foodstuffs to store in a freezer.

Fridge: The short form for 'refrigerator' for preserving perishable items.

Garbage/trash can/bin: A container for collecting, then disposing of, kitchen waste.

Garlic Crusher: A hand tool used to crush garlic cloves.

Gladwrap: The brand name for clear plastic film to wrap or cover bowls or plates of food.

Grater: A tool for shredding cheese, vegetables, or other foods.

Jar Lid Remover: A gadget, hand held, used to loosen tight Jar Lids.

Knife Block: A block of wood designed to store kitchen knives in a safe way.

Knives: Cutting tools for various kitchen tasks.

Ladle: a utensil with a long handle and a deep bowl used to transfer liquids from a cooking pot to a bowl.

Microwave: An appliance for heating and reheating food quickly.

Mixer: A device for mixing ingredients, often used in baking.

Mortar and Pestle: A device, often made of stone, used to crush or grind herbs and spices.

Napkins: Cloth or paper for wiping hands and surfaces.

Orange Juicer: A utensil (electric or manual) for squeezing fresh orange or lemon juice.

Oven: A kitchen appliance for baking and roasting.

Pans: Flat-bottomed cookware for frying and sautéing.

Pantry: A room attached to the kitchen or a cupboard used to store canned and packaged foods.

Peeler: A hand-held utensil for removing the skin from fruits and vegetables.

Pepper Grinder: A utensil for grinding whole peppercorns.

Pizza Oven: An oven designed for cooking pizzas on a Pizza Pan, then cut into wedges with a Pizza Cutter.

Placemats: Protective mats for setting the table.

Pots: Metal containers, usually with lids, used for cooking or boiling water.

Pot Holders: Insulated fabric for safe handling of hot pots and pans.

Pressure Cooker: A device to cook foods using steam under high pressure.

Rice Cooker: An electrical device to cook rice using steam.

Salt Cellar: A container for holding salt.

Scales: Devices for measuring ingredients' weight.

Scourer Pad: An abrasive pad to remove caked food or stains from pots, pans, and plates.

Sink: A basin for washing dishes and food preparation.

Spatula: A tool for flipping and scraping food in pans.

Spice Rack: A means to store jars of spices and herbs.

Steamer: Metal or bamboo containers placed over a pot of boiling water to steam food.

Steel Wool: Used as a scourer to remove caked food or stains from pots, pans, and plates.

Stove: A cooking appliance that uses gas or electricity, or even wood.

Tablecloth: A covering for the dining or kitchen table.

Tea Kettle: A vessel for boiling water for tea and other hot beverages.

Tea towel: a cloth for drying dishes.

Toaster: An appliance for browning bread, muffins or crumpets.

Utensils: Kitchen tools for cooking and serving (forks, spoons, knives).

Wire Rack: Placing cakes, scones, or biscuits/cookies fresh from the oven on a wire rack to cool.


In this article, I have provided a list of items found in the kitchen. And processes or tasks that people do there.

Learn them by practicing identifying them (or label them) as you walk around the kitchen.

I hope you have found this article useful as a way to grow your English vocabulary.

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