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Increase Your Vocabulary: More Spanish Words in English

Updated: Feb 21

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Introduction - Increase your vocabulary with these Spanish words

In this article, I will introduce you to 12 Spanish words found in English.

I will give you their original spelling and meaning in Spanish.

And their pronunciation too.

They are worthwhile becoming familiar with to increase your vocabulary.

1 Bonanza – the Spanish word for prosperity. Pronounced: /bəˈnænzə/

The shares I bought many years ago have turned out to be a bonanza. Their value has more than tripled since then.

2 Hacienda – house in Spanish. Pronounced /hæsiˈendə/

Don't replace 'house' for this word. Don't overuse it.

Come and see our new hacienda!

3 Nachos – corn chips topped with melted cheese or other savory items such as peppers or refried beans. Eat them with savory dips.

Pronounced /ˈnɑːtʃəʊz/ or /ˈnætʃəʊz/

Named after Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Anaya who invented the dish in 1943.

4 Taco – the Spanish word for plug. A crispy or soft corn or wheat tortilla /tɔː(r)ˈtiːə/ (another Spanish word in English).

Tacos are folded in half and stuffed with a mixture of seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce.

5 Rodeo – from rodear, meaning ‘to go around’.

   /rəʊˈdeɪəʊ/ or /ˈrəʊdiəʊ/

An event where wild horses (mustangs) and bulls test riders’ skills in staying on their backs. The animals try to dislodge/buck them off.

6 Mesa – means ‘table’ in Spanish. Pronounced /ˈmeɪsə/

Mesas are steep-sided, flat-topped mountains. They are usually found in deserts in the US or Mexico.

7 Mosquito – in Spanish it means ‘little fly’. Mosquitoes often carry diseases. Pronounced /mɒˈskiːtəʊ/

8 Vigilante – the Spanish word for watchman. /vɪdʒɪˈlænti/

Vigilantes take the law into their own hands to combat crime.

9 Renegade – from renegado meaning traitor or turncoat.

Pronounced /ˈrenɪɡeɪd/

10 Suave – meaning smooth or ‘cool’. /swɑːv/

James Bond - 007 - is suave and sophisticated.

11 Fiesta – the Spanish word for party. /fɪˈestə/

Fiestas are (often religious) celebrations held in the street, in public places.

12 Siesta – the Spanish word for an afternoon nap. /siˈestə/

I always have a siesta after lunch.


In this article, I have introduced to you a dozen Spanish words that are used often in English.

They are good to learn to develop your English vocabulary.

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