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The Importance of Good English Grammar

Updated: May 16

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Writing good grammar


The English language serves as a powerful tool for communication.

It lets people express thoughts, convey ideas, and connect with others on a deeper level.

To be a clear communicator, good grammar is important.

Clear, concise, and coherent communication results from good grammar.

I am an experienced English teacher. I have seen the huge impact that a strong grasp of grammar can have on students' academic endeavours.

In this foundation article I will explain why having good grammar is essential. I will explore its wider implications for communicative competence.

The issue of having good English grammar in perspective

Of the world's population of about 7.8 billion people, 1.35 billion speak English. But, the majority aren't native English speakers.

About 360 million people speak English as their first language.

For non-native English speakers, correct written and spoken English is important.

In my experience these people have a good grasp of grammar. Their teachers taught them well. But, their ability to put into practice that knowledge is far from great.

It is shyness or a lack of confidence that are holding them back.

Or, it’s because their teachers did not use a method to help their students practice the grammar.

How I can help you practice your English grammar

Apex English Tutoring exists for this reason.

I teach people how to practice all their English skills. The Methods I have developed are simple but effective.

I will explain why My ‘simply better’ Method is a great investment.

I will outline 5 reasons for why having good grammar is essential.

5 Reasons to Get Good English Grammar

1 Clarity and Precision

The rules and structures of grammar help people write and speak more clearly and 'to the point'.

Proper grammar ensures that sentences are well-constructed, eliminating ambiguity and preventing misinterpretation.

By following the rules of grammar, people convey messages in an accurate manner.

This enables effective communication.

As an English teacher, I highlight the importance of clarity in writing and speaking.

I stress that good grammar is the way to express thoughts without confusion.

It is with My Method, that I can provide the way to practice clearer communication.

2 Academic Success

In the academic sphere, I cannot overstate the significance of good grammar.

Good grammar helps students better express their ideas in their written assignments.

Clear and grammatically-correct writing enhances the quality of academic work.

It also contributes to the development of students' critical thinking skills.

The ability to structure coherent ideas and express them well is a mark of academic success.

And this skill results from a solid understanding of grammar.

Moreover, university admissions and scholarship applications often place a premium on effective communication.

Students with strong grammar skills are better positioned to excel in many disciplines. And good grammar lays the groundwork for achieving successful academic outcomes.

Many foreign students want to study in western English-speaking universities. Applicants need a high IELTS Band score for entry into western, English-speaking universities.

A key component of student visa programs is proof of applicant's ability to use English well.

3 For Successful Advancement Professionally

Outside academia, the impact of good grammar extends to the professional arena.

Effective communication is a key determinant of success for professionals.

Employers and colleagues view those who can write well as competent and reliable.

Resumes, cover letters, and business emails are vital in securing job opportunities. Poor grammar can undermine an individual's professional image. Not having good grammar can reduce people's career prospects.

Good grammar reflects attention to detail and a commitment to delivering quality work.

Employers value employees who can produce error-free reports, proposals, and other business documents. These include Power Point presentations.

4 Effective Communication

Communication is a shared process in which individuals exchange information and ideas.

Good grammar serves as the backbone of effective communication. It facilitates the smooth flow of thoughts from the speaker or writer to the audience.

Filling written communication with grammatical errors hides the intended message. Confusion and misunderstandings are the result.

Here’s an example from my experience in getting help from a Technical Support person.

In an email, the person I communicated with had difficulty explaining a solution to my technical problem. It took several emails to get clarification. I say it was all due to their use of poor grammatical expressions.

Or it was also due to their poor reading or listening comprehension skills. Or else, I didn't express myself well.

Using correct grammar when you talk or write makes your message better. If you're giving a talk, or writing a business plan, people who use good grammar can express their ideas well.

This skill is useful not only in school or at work but also in your personal relationships. It helps you build strong connections with others.

5 English Language Skills and Cultural Competence

People with good grammar skills are seen as competent speakers of the language.

As well, English has become a global language. Having good grammar is a marker of cultural competence.

 It helps people talk well with others from different cultures and languages.

Here's an example.

I have emailed and spoken with several website designers from Asian countries. I found it quite difficult to understand a lot of what they were saying. It was their poor grammar that was the source of the miscommunication.

Teaching students about cultural sensitivity through grammar helps them communicate better. In turn they are more respectful to everyone in our connected world.

My focus on Practicing English

I am focused on teaching students how to practice the English they know. I do not actually teach English per se.

So, I don't run courses of English lessons. I leave that task to the many resources found online or in textbooks.

There, students can discover the cultural ‘nuances’ embedded in language use. These include such things as idioms and phrasal verbs.

But, I do provide - for free - Basic English lessons as part of My free ‘simply better’ 4-Step Plan to Getting Great English.

You can download the Plan by completing the form at my Home page.


The significance of good English grammar goes far beyond language rules and structures.

It touches every part of our lives. It influences academic achievement, professional advancement, and effective communication.

At Apex English Tutoring, I am dedicated to equipping my students with the tools they need to excel in their future lives and careers.

As I have said, I concentrate on providing the means for students to practise the English they know.

In doing so, they will learn more English. They will collect more vocabulary: words that are relevant to their lives. It is with practice, that they can free the excellent grammar that they have locked away inside.

With practice - people can unlock the full potential of their communicative abilities. By doing so, they will be contributing to their personal and professional success.

Further Reading

This article heads up a series of articles if you want to get better grammar. I urge you to take the time to read them.

Punctuation is an important component of grammar too. I provide the jump-off point for several articles that discuss various punctuation marks. And some of which, I have discovered, are not taught in English classes.

It would be remiss of me not to point you to this foundation article on Vocabulary development as well.

Good grammar and speaking go hand in hand. Understand the importance of this relationship by reading this article on Speaking.

Speaking in public, or even ordinary conversations, and reading aloud requires good pronunciation. Go here to learn why pronunciation is important.

© Apex English Tutoring Updated May 2024

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